I am being scammed by Kinguin.net they owe me 70,000 euro


Hello, my name is Nikita. My nickname is Soclose on Kinguin. I have sold games on Kinguin during 2015 through 2019, when Kinguin starts to delay payouts. Now (Jan 18 2021) Kinguin owes me only 70k EUR, but the debt was 120k  EUR in November, when i decided to cash out the debt by buying games from other sellers on Kinguin and resell them on other markets. I lost around 25-30% by doing that thing, but it's better than nothing as currently they are scamming me out of my money,  and I am helpless.

Then in December 2019 Kinguin decides to introduce Platform Development Contribution fees which is roughly 15% of the products price which is basically a scam. They also introduces limit of Kinguin's balance spent per day to 200 EUR.

So to cash out the remaining 70k EUR i should wait 70000/200 per day  ~ 350 days.  I should spent my time everyday for 350 days to buy games with ridiculous prices on their scam filled platform just to be able to cash out the last of my debt.




I’ve also tried to contact them via tickets but they just ignore them. I also like that i never received their "Business Proposal" blackmails, so they are completely been ignoring me and their 120,000 Euro debt to me.



Sorry for my bad English,

Thank you for reading my story,

Stay safe and good luck.  And stay away from Kinguin, a company managed by bunch of rich fraudsters.


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