scammed me out of 20,000 euro!



My name is @[email protected] and I was ( yeah was ) a seller on Kinguin for the last 3 years. At that time everything was working flawlessly, payouts were issued in a timely manner ( about 2-3 days top ) and voila! You would've received your money.






I stopped selling for some time and came back to Kinguin in mid 2019 or late 2019 ( I don't remember when that was to be honest ) which I was surprised that the site was still working fine up UNTIL I tried to WITHDRAW some money to pay some bills. That's when I realized that the waiting period was no longer 30 days but 60 which caught me off guard but stupid of me, I didn't think this would have any impact on the payouts time. Guess I was wrong, time goes by and I try to contact their support in hopes of getting at least my paypal payouts ( that's what I first asked to withdraw ) but nothing.







I have also tried to contact them through their chat online but they give the same repetitive answers. We cannot do anything, payments are being issued but we don't know when will yours be issued. They also ignore your tickets without sending you any sort of answer because they know that there's none. They DON'T want to PAY any money.


I demand to get my money. I am tired of waiting God knows how much in order to get what's MINE