Kingiun is a thieving company


Hi my name is Aleksandr Tregubov, I’ve been a Kinguin seller for several years. More than a year ago, kinguin began to have problems with increasing the waiting period for payments, it began to reach 120 days (the period for unlocking funds after the sale of goods + the period for checking the withdrawal and the withdrawal process). Gradually, the number of days of delay grew.
The situation at the moment is this: the last payment (ordered on 19-Nov-2019) was made on February 21, 2020, and this is the only payment within 40 days before (the previous one was paid on January 14). It seems that this payment was done just to reassure me.
The remaining conclusions totaling ~ 3040 EURO, are still pending with verified status.

The Kinguin payment department has been ignoring the ticket since February 19, 2020. But the answers before that, too, were delayed and did not contain any specifics, but only excuses, and empty words, promises.

I contacted the chat many times, trying to pay attention to my ticket, they told me that they would pass my request, push my ticket up, someone even promised to help through the transfer of information to their personal friends in the payment department. The result is nothing!





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