Kinguin owes Square Vision GmbH 35K Euro and refuses to pay.


Hello, my name is Marta Sommer,

I am a Purchasing and Sales Manager at Square Vision GmbH and Owner at Summer Mill.

Dear Community, especially everyone involved in the gaming business!


I feel completely hopeless about the situation with KINGUIN as a Company. Enough is enough.

They owe my company 35,000 Euro. I stopped selling there since June 2019 as they stopped paying out to me and froze a huge part of my funds, which affected my whole business activity and cash flow.


Apparently, they have recently paid out to the people who promised to go back to their platform to sell again. They are still ignoring me as I was not a very active seller (I mostly deal B2B), but I was selling some expensive products, so they had a very decent money stream from my sales due to the high commission rates.

But that is beside the point, what is owed should be paid and not ignored in a way that feels, looks and is like a scam.


Therefore, as a sole trader, I have been worrying about my cash flow for the past YEAR and Kinguin’s CEO wife is posting pictures on her Instagram in fur coats, luxury bags and other stuff that makes her look extremely wealthy which can indicate the dissonance of Kinguin being in a fragile state to even reply to me for a payment plan, eventually they are just holding my money and it feels like theft.


And this is looking very pathetic. Hereby, I am asking all of the people involved in the gaming industry to share my post wherever they can.


All above information is true you can check images below, I am tired of waiting.



Thank you everyone for your support,



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