About Gaming Dragons (Ultimatum Games)

Company Name: UGK LTD.
San Jose, CA, United States

Gaming Dragons is a digital retailer of physical PC games.

Now what does that mean
  1. We sell games globally and have sold to over 95 countries.
  2. We buy the games from several official sources which are large Distributors over Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and USA who provides physical boxes of PC Games.
  3. We are able to acquire the marchandise to our warehouses located in Europe and distribute digitally the game codes which are scanned directly from the game boxes.
    To take down the shipping, handeling and customs fees.
    Therefore we are able to lower our expense and provide you with good quality games and also affordable for your wallets.
    In our prespective is a massive Win!

Our system and website was built by us for gamers all over the world who share a common passion - gaming.
Our customer policy is created to satisfy you. We hope you enjoy your visit at our website, and always aim to provide you with top quality service!
Buying from us is extremely secure.

Gaming Dragons Team