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  • Genre Horror
    Multiplayer Yes
    Release Date 25 January 2011
    Publisher N/A
    2 User Reviews
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    A horrific infestation is decimating a massive space city. Isaac Clarke must dismember, impale, and stomp his way across the Sprawl.
    Familiar as well as all-new grotesque creatures lurk around every corner.
    Wield a set of devastating tools to bring the terror to space. Impale with the Javelin, and turn limbs into deadly weapons with improved telekinesis, plus much more.
    Fire up Isaac's suit boosters to rocket around in zero gravity like never before with full 360° movement.
    For the first time, experience the horror of a Necromorph outbreak with others in online Multiplayer.

    Multiplayer: yes
    Platform: PC
    Languages: Multi-Language
    Website: Click here
    Release Date: 25 January 2011
    System Requirements: Here
    Game Languages
    English, French, German, Italian.
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    2 User Reviews
    1 Reviews
    Tuesday May 03, 2016 21:35
    Better than the first game
    Isaac Clarke, a retired engineer , wakes up in a mental asylum, with no memories of what happened after the incident on the USG Ishimura. Not even one minute into the game and Isaac has to face the deadly "Necromorphs" on the already infested Titan Station "Sprawl" again. He now has to regain his memories and fight back the alien invasion.

    This around 10-12 hour long adventure is even better than the first game because it improves the things Dead Space 1 was weak in. I will make a pro and con list.


    - More Necromorphs, which all require different strategys (like the Puker or the Pack)
    - Plenty of different Areas which are all great designed
    - you can now fly around in Zero-G areas instead of just Zero-G-Jump
    - more disturbing things
    - The story is more deep as in the first game and offers more characters
    - more weapons
    - many shock moments and even if there arent any, your heart is still beating fast
    - hardcore mode: After you finished the game you can play this mode. Ammo is rare and necromorphs are stronger. You can only safe 3 TIMES in the entire game and if you die, you have to restart from your latest safe. This gives the ultimate feeling of survival horror


    - you encouter many humans, which destroys the "alone in space" feeling a bit
    - final boss fight was not as epic as fighting the giant Hive Mind in DS 1
    - story is a bit confusing if you dont pay close attention to audio and text logs
    - Isaac talks now. I dont see this as a problem but many people do
    - biggest con (and why i only give 4 Stars) is that the DLC is not aviable for PC

    I still think its the best game in the series because it balances horror, action and story in the best way.
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    11 Reviews
    Monday Nov 09, 2015 18:19
    The space you must explore
    This game is really cool, trust me, it s all about survival and cutting limbs!
    Yeah, you heard me, you will cut a lot of limbs, and this is an interesting mechanic because instead of focusing on headshots and chest shots like in other games you must first cut the limbs of the creatures and then shoot them somewhere else!
    What I really like at this game as well is the panoramic views at some points and the fear that is inflicted by using dark corridors...
    Definitely and interesting EA experience, one of the best games from EA!
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