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Metacritic Score
7.9 / 10
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  • Genre Action
    Multiplayer No
    Release Date 20 Nov 2012
    Publisher SQUARE ENIX, Eidos Interactive
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    Hitman: Absolution follows the Original Assassin undertaking his most personal contract to date.

    Betrayed by the Agency and hunted by the police, Agent 47 finds himself pursuing redemption in a corrupt and twisted world.

    Key Features:

    1. Showcasing Glacier 2' technology HITMAN: ABSOLUTION has been built from the ground up to deliver a cinematic story, distinctive art direction, and cutting-edge game and sound design.

    2. Freedom of Choice - Stalk from the shadows or rush in guns blazing thanks to fully-evolved game mechanics and a sophisticated AI-System that responds realistically to every tactic you employ.

    3. Experience a Living, Breathing World - Robust and memorable characters spring to life on the screen. An outstanding cast of Hollywood performers ensures every moment becomes a story in HITMAN: ABSOLUTION.

    4. Disguises - Impersonate your victims and blend into the world around you. A huge variety of disguises afford you new actions, new options, and the element of surprise.

    5. Instinct Mode - See the world through the eyes of a highly-trained agent. Predict enemy patrols, identify weapons and escape routes, and temporarily enhance your disguise--even engage in "Point-Shooting," making full use of your skills as an expert marksman to clear entire rooms with stylish efficiency.

    The Professional Edition includes:

    1. 72-page Artbook

    2. Making of video

    3. Agency Gun Pack DLC including:

      1. Upgraded silencer

      2. Laser sights

      3. Agency Jagd P22G: A modern top-tier pistol

      4. Agency HX UMP: Powerful high-caliber SMG

      5. Agency SPS 12: Brutal semi-automatic shotgun

    Multiplayer: no
    Platform: PC
    Publisher: SQUARE ENIX, Eidos Interactive
    Languages: Multi-Language
    Website: Click here
    Release Date: 20 Nov 2012
    System Requirements: Here
    Game Languages
    English*, French*, German*, Italian*, Spanish*, Polish*, Russian*, Turkish
    *languages with full audio support
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    User Reviews
    1 Reviews
    Tuesday May 03, 2016 15:09
    Code works....:)
    I don t know what to say......thank U.... I will buy more games here..... Good work....
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    1 Reviews
    Thursday Apr 07, 2016 09:52
    AMAZING! Safe and Cheap
    The game is awsome, very very good. Hitman have a great history.

    And the purchase was amazing! My first purchase on the site and I was very pleased. Thank you Gaming Dragons!

    I certainly will back to buy here.
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    9 Reviews
    Saturday Nov 28, 2015 04:34
    Its a great game but you can do the contracts first get full upgrade then play the story and bet it easier. Witch is S^&T in blood money you get the money after you finish the assassin and go to the next target in the story sound way much better then doing like in ABSOLUTION
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    6 Reviews
    Monday Aug 24, 2015 13:36
    fun but Blood Money is the best
    Hitman: Absolution is a very well made edition to the Hitman series. Classis Hitman feel with more enemies, different ways to kill/suppress enemies, and even stripper nuns! This game is really good.
    But Blood Money is the best
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    3 Reviews
    Thursday Aug 20, 2015 23:35
    unparalleled game
    a very fun game for those who are fan of the Hitman series or like games where you can not be seen , since you are a murderer , I found this fantastic game, where you can choose various weapons and ways to kill their targets!
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    16 Reviews
    Sunday Aug 16, 2015 11:11
    Solid but not really good
    Hitman Absolution is a mixed bag: It's definitely good by today's standards, but if you judge it by its franchise, only Hitman Contracts (that map pack they insist on calling 'Hitman 3') can beat it in terms of mediocrity.
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