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  1. Shipping time is clearly specified in the product description, The products are sent after verification of the payment. For security reasons, our system verifies all information sent to paypal or the payment method that you used.
  2. Automatically, if the system detects an error, your payment will be held and you will not receive a CD-Key, This will be checked manually by our administration team. This process can take up to 24 hours, we have the right to accept or reject your purchase and return the payment amount if any was transferred. You will have to use real information in your paypal account or a credit card owner before you can purchase anything at Gaming Dragons
  3. Any use of fraud will result in a ban from Gaming Dragons

    Refund Policy

  1. For security reasons in digital products, at the time the buyer makes the purchase of the product the right for reimbursement is no longer accepted.
    Refund possibility:
  1. If in more than 48 hours after the payment you have not yet received the product.
  2. If the product you have purchased is out of stock and it will not be available within the next 48 hours.
  3. If there is an error with your game (Invalid, Used) And there is no replacement
  4. Refunds will NOT be issued based on a glitch in a game, the non-compliance with the minimum requirements to run the game on your computer, for lack of satisfaction during the game, failure to read the description or terms specified for the game.

    If you pre-order a game no refund will be accepted, we clearly stated that this is a pre-order and will be delivered on launch day or a date specified by the description page. If a delivery date is specified, the game will be delivered within 24 hours or less of that day, you may request a refund if the product is not delivered within that period.

    Visit: Can You RUN It
    To check if you can run the product on your Computer. Refunds will not be granted if your system did not pass or match the minimum specifications.

    The products sold on Gaming Dragons are original and they are taken from the physical product itself and you will be the first and only one to have it. If the product is not valid or is defective a replacement will be issued only after our team verifies the error, we can take up to 48 hours to have a solution.

    Please note that for some products the publisher will not provide a download service and we shall not be responsible to provide the download, unless if indicated in our product description page.
    Identification and verification
  1. Gaming Dragons does not disclose or sell personally identifiable information such as name, address, phone number or e-mail about you.
    Gaming Dragons does not collect personal information from children underage (12 and lower).
    Gaming Dragons does not collect any personal banking information such as credit cards or payment details, this information is passed through the payment processor and the buyer only.
  2. Gaming Dragons is encrypted and our database does not contain any sensitive information.
  1. Personal information are used to verify your payment and prevent spoofed or fraudulent transactions, if we require information from you
    such as image of your identification, student card, driving license, passport, billing statement, You must cooperate in order for us to verify your purchase, you have the right to remove any identification number or sensitive information, leaving alone the photo and full name.
    1. Please note white and black scan of documents will NOT be accepted.
      Forged documents will NOT be accepted.
    2. (The sensitive information will not be held after verification of the purchase)
    Dispute against Gaming Dragons

    1. Please always contact us before lodging a dispute
      We are always open to improve your satisfaction and resolve the problem.

    Restrictions and rules

    1. You cannot purchase more than 2 items in total at once.
    2. You cannot purchase more than 2 identical items at once.
    3. We will not tolerate foul language towards our support team, actions will be taken to eliminate such activity.
    4. To apply for a reseller program and remove limitations, Please do not hesitate to contact us.
TOS updated on: 08/01/2013