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  • Genre Misc
    Multiplayer Yes
    Release Date 2013
    Publisher N/A
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    Brick-Force is a sandbox shooter where you can build the worlds and maps you've always dreamed of, brick by brick. Share your virtual playgrounds with the community and use them as the backdrop for fast-paced shooting matches.

    Discover thousands of maps created by the community in Play mode. Blast through classic and new shooter match types such as Capture the Flag, Team or Solo Deathmatch, Defusion and Build & Destroy. Use teamwork, skill and quick reactions to overcome challenges deployed by map creators and defeat the opposing team.

    Now's your chance to get creative! In Build mode, you can use simple building blocks to construct detailed environments. There's a whole range of different brick styles to choose from, and you can even place key interactive elements such as turrets, launch pads or bomb sites.


    1. Choose between many game modes like "Capture the Flag", "Defusion mode", "Deathmatch", "Team-Deathmatch" and "Defense Mode"

    2. Regular Updates and new settings like "Science Fiction", "Western" or "Fantasy"

    3. BUILD, SHARE, PLAY - Create fantastic maps in no time and share them with friends or the Brick-Force community

    4. Choose your platform - Play Brick-Force on your PC, in your browser or on your Mac


    1. Exclusive Helmet

    2. SWAT equipment for a whole week

    3. Soldier Starter Kit & Architect Starter Kit

    4. 10 small weapon gems to upgrade weapons

    5. 10 small equipment gems to upgrade your equipment

    6. 1 Pick ’N‘ Win-Coin to receive valuable items when playing

    7. 500 tokens for a weapon of your choice

    Multiplayer: yes
    Platform: PC / MAC
    Languages: Multi-Language
    Website: Click here
    Release Date: 2013
    System Requirements: Here
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