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  • Genre Action
    Multiplayer Yes
    Release Date 2 March 2010
    Publisher N/A
    1 User Reviews
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    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 brings the award-winning Battlefield gameplay to the forefront of PC gaming with best-in-class vehicular combat and unexpected "Battlefield moments." New vehicles like the ATV and a transport helicopter allow for all-new multiplayer tactics on the Battlefield. With the Frostbite-enabled Destruction 2.0 system, you can take down entire buildings and create your own fire points by blasting holes through cover. You can also compete in four-player teams in two squad-only game modes, fighting together to unlock exclusive awards and achievements. Battles are set across expansive maps, each with a different tactical focus. The game also sees the return of the B Company squad in a more mature single-player campaign.

    Multiplayer: yes
    Platform: PC
    Languages: Multi-Language
    Website: Click here
    Release Date: 2 March 2010
    System Requirements: Here
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    1 User Reviews
    13 Reviews
    Tuesday May 03, 2016 13:56
    best battle field game ever
    this game is simply amazing its easily the best of the bf games. Would recommend to anyone who enjoys fps games and had enough of cod. the campaign has the best story line of the last 3 bf games the online game is also good obviously graphics not as good as newer bf games . Its brilliant I think all us fans would love to see a new bad company game
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